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Cleaners & Coffee

Over a decade ago, we began our journey in Camden (just off St Pancras Way). Previously named 'Crowndale', we built a reputation within our community for being the most reliable cleaner around with an emphasis on quality and service. This story is not just about us being your cleaner or coffee shop, its about why we do what we do and how passionate we are to do it.

Who we are

We're a proud, independent family run business. From cleaning cushion covers and tailoring wedding dresses to serving award-winning speciality coffee... we've got you covered. We pride ourselves on being an alternative cleaner with a particular focus on giving you the best service possible.

Everything from coffee to cleaning involves Has and Kaz (the family), with no stone left unturned in the process of delivering the best of everything to you. 

Our services include:

- Expert Tailoring

- Eco-friendly Washing

- Expert Dry Cleaning

- Speciality Coffee

And so much more! So feel free to drop by, call us or message through our website to find out more about our daily life!


0207 387 6029



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