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Fur Dry Cleaning & Repairs

A furrier is a specialist in fur treatment, we are the only Dry Cleaner in North London to exclusively offer a furrier service with over 20 years experience. Rest assured, your special piece is safe with us, be it for dry cleaning or repairs.

Fur cleaning and storing is essential for protecting the quality of your fur garments. Valuable fur garments left in a home closet can be exposed to humidity or dryness, heat, and all the unwelcome odours, mothballs and insects that come with it.

We recommend fur cleaning and glazing as an annual routine before storing it for the spring and summer. Fur cleaning and glazing is essential for protecting the natural luster and supple texture of your fur garments and should only be carried out by a professional furrier.

Dry Cleaned Fur_edited.jpg
Dry Cleaned Fur Coat.jpg
Dry Cleaned Mink.jpg
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